Sunday, January 4, 2009

Storm Day Saturday

So what is the weather like where you live?

It snowed here yesterday! It sure was pretty, as I stood at the window with my camera taking pictures of the frigidness outside. I could enjoy it while I was dry and warm inside.

The youngens went outside to sled for most of the day, while we more mature sticks in the mud stayed in to keep warm.

I got the Christmas tree and all of the decorations taken down. The house looks back to normal. I'm going to miss the holidays. The treats (but it is good those are going away, unfortuately). The festivity. The lights all around town. The hustle and bustle. Most of all I am loving having all of my kids home, though. How about you, are you ready to be done or are were you getting in the holiday spirit just as it ended?

I have offered to homeschool the older ones again, but only half-heartedly. Jared would like to, but I am such a slacker with keeping records he'd never get into a college. So back they go tomorrow (sniff). It was good while it lasted.

One more day to enjoy them!


  1. Make him keep the records. If it is important to him, he will. It has been raining here for days. I also am not ready for the holidays to be over.

  2. I want snow!!!

    It was 74 degrees here yesterday!! HOT!

  3. Christy, that is a good idea. I will think on it.

    Betty, I'd happily give you some of my snow!

  4. Oh, I wish I could go sledding. It is just cold here today. Although yesterday was amazing--68 degrees! I'm going to miss the holiday season too, but I can't wait for spring! I love it! And guess what? I saw a bald eagle yesterday! Sweet!

  5. Kate the Great - I *can* wait for spring. Isn't that sad? I'm not ready to go back to the garden. It's the first year I've seen the seed books and been torn between: "Ooh! I'd love to grow that!" and "Not yet!"

    You saw a Bald Eagle too??? That is awesome! Jared told me that he heard they were taken off of the endangered species list last year. Maybe we'll be seeing more of them!

  6. 80 degrees here in Texas. I am missing winter something dreadful. I LOVE your snowy pictures!

    Jared would be a great record keeper. He's very detail-oriented.

    Miss you guys.

  7. Becca - We miss you guys too!