Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Post-processed pics of The Aquarium

In my hurry to get the photos of our weekend up on the blog, I just put up the straight out of the camera pics. Some of the pictures, though, I really wanted to play with and enhance color here, lighten and brighten there... So I've played with them a bit, and here are a few of my favorites.

♥ Melody

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Aquarium Sagas::Four Tanks for now

It's been a bit since I posted about the fish tanks. Since I posted last, I got the 15 gallon column tank back up and running (and fully cycled. Yahoo!) If you remember, the the 15g column is the one I started with.

We started with themed tanks.

This is the 20 gallon Fairy Tale tank.
It houses: 
2 powder blue dwarf gouramis
4 guppies
4 peppered cories
1 (juvenile size) bristlenose pleco
3 snails - 2 nerite & 1 gold inca
And 1 unidentified baby - I think it is a guppy.

 This is the 15 gallon Sponge Bob tank.
It houses: 
3 adult female platies & 
2 baby girl platies (born in this tank)
3 albino cory catfish
3 zebra danios
6 snails - 
1 nerite,
1 gold inca,
4 horned nerites.
3 amano shrimp

The shrimp are new since yesterday. 
Here is one peeking out from The Crabby Patty. 

This is the 29 gallon tank. It houses:
1 angelfish
3 mollies
5 sterbai cory catfish
1 bristlenose pleco
1 bolivian ram. 

And last, but not least, the 15 gallon column tank.
I got this one for my birthday, and it is where it all started.
I put it away for a while, but now it's back.
It houses:
5 guppies
3 neons (1 died today after being moved - I will get 2 more)
4 julii cory catfish (1 is a tiny little guy)
5 snails -
1 nerite
4 horned nerites. 

I have really loved this hobby a lot. It has been fun to be partners in crime with Josh. Our outings consist mainly of going to the fish store together, and it's great!

♥ Melody

Monday, September 3, 2018

Labor Day Weekend::Part 2 - The Aquarium

On Sunday, we took a trip that everyone agreed on: The Aquarium.
I know for sure that Josh and I were in heaven! Everyone else said that they liked it too.

Mercedes hung with me a lot, so she got a lot of pictures taken with the fish. 😊

The biggest issue that came up was when we went to the 4-D movie and water sprayed on Michael. From then on, Steve & I sat on the floor with him until the movie was over - yes, it would have been easier to leave the movie, but when "bad" things happen, Michael sits down and won't get up again, even if he says that he wants to leave.

On with the pictures!

♥ Melody