Friday, January 9, 2009

4th Folder 4th Picture - My Kids!

After the past couple of days' heavier subject posts:
Wednesday's about organizing and yesterday's filled with homeschooling tips, I need a lighter day, full of fun and frolic. So instead of talking about my resolutions that I'm not doing, let's take a look at the 4th picture in my 4th folder, shall we?

The folder says that this pic was taken in May of 2005. This mama goat is Nanny. We sold Nanny to the auction a few years ago when we thought we didn't want goats anymore. The kids are her day old babies. Since I didn't have a stall just for her to go to, and the billy goat was a butthead and I didn't want her to have to endure him, I set up a place under the trampoline for her. My children were sad to not have their trampoline for a couple of months, but they survived.

Want to see more of what's in that folder? Me too!

This is our apple tree in bloom. Ohhh! Is there any smell that is more delicious than apple blossoms?

To the right you can see part of the chicken tractor we constructed and the hay for the goats.

And here is my sleepy Michael. He has always been sweet, hasn't he?!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the pictures! The goats are so cute.

  2. Oh my the photo of Michael!!

    The goats are hilarious!

  3. Great photographs! That is such a sweet photo of your little guy. My daughter is standing next to me and we were admiring the photos in your blog title. She was wondering where you live that you have bald eagles visible? Happy New year!

  4. Christy - Thanks! I do love baby everything.

    Betty - Thanks! I love that pic of Michael too. He just looks like a little angel.

    balancetension - Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! And we live in UT.