Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Key to resiliency::Having a support system

I just learned about the ACE test the other day. It sort of quantifies the abuse in your life before you were an adult (18). I have read about Rat Park - a study in drug abuse.
One common factor for success in life is your resiliency, and your resiliency is determined by your support system.
The ACE test: so you were abused... did you know your mother loved you? Did you know your father loved you?
Rat Park - isolated rats would ingest the drugged water more than those in rat park who could have relationships with each other and do things.
Support. Relationship. Community. Those are the important factors that aid in resilience, and resilience is what you need to bounce back from the "bad" stuff in life.
Get a support system and be a support for others.
♥ Melody

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Holy Week in The Episcopal Church

Living into Holy Week in The Episcopal Church is so much different than any other way I ever celebrated Easter before. For us, we do not live into the "Christ is Risen" message until tomorrow. For us, today, we are remembering Christ in the tomb, the emptiness and darkness.

On Thursday, we had Communion and foot washing to remind us of the Last Supper & the disciples learning to serve each other. As the service ended, those on the Altar Guild, who prepare the Altar every Sunday, went forward and helped the Priest strip the Altar - All of the linens, frontals, palm leaves, and reserve Sacrament left the church. (I'm afraid that the Irreverently part of my brain always thinks,"Christ has left the building.") Just as Christ went to the garden to pray and have his disciples wait with him, we took the reserve Sacrament into the choir room and placed it onto the Altar of Repose. Candles were lit, and the Vigil started. Congregants signed up for an hour time slot where they could sit in the quiet, dimly lit room with the Sacrament of Christ's body and blood and wait with Him, in memory.

On Friday, the gospel reading of The Passion, less formally than on Palm Sunday, was read at the Good Friday Service and shouts of "Crucify him!" brought sadness to every heart.

On Holy Saturday, there was a quiet, memorial type service.

And tomorrow, Easter Sunday of the Resurrection, we will proclaim "Alleluia! Christ has risen!" and we will remember our baptismal covenants that we have made, that ties us to our God.

But for today, the tomb is full. My heart is heavy. For Christ has died.
♥ Melody

Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Birthday, dear Matthew!

Matt brought it to my attention (several times) that we hadn't actually celebrated his birthday. I looked through the pictures... and he was right. 😞

So! On Sunday, Steve bought a Dutch Apple Pie and we sang Happy Birthday to Matt.

Now, I'm sure that we sang Happy Birthday to him on his birthday. And I know that I made him his favorite food.. about a month ago.. and declared it his birthday dinner. So all that was lacking was the blowing out of the candles.

So now, it is official. Matt is 17!

Happy Birthday, Matt! I sure love you and am proud of the man you are growing to be. ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Melody (A.K.A. Matt's mom)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

♥ ♥ Brynley Ann is here! ♥ ♥

She's here!

Brynley Ann
Born on March 28, 2017
@ 5:43 p.m.
6 lbs 9 oz
18 1/2" long

Mommy and baby are doing great! So glad that this little sweetheart has finally put in her appearance!! 
♥ Melody

Happy Birthday, Dear Jessica!

Jessica's birthday was on Thursday.
She was a good sport and went to WalMart and got a box of Jello cheesecake (her fav!), and I made it while she went to pick up some to-go lunch at The Family Tree, along with one of their BIG scones & extra honey butter. (All my treat, of course.)

We ate lunch, played chess, and hung out until Steve got home. Then we sang "Happy Birthday" and had the cheesecake. After that, Steve and Jessica played chess while I went to take some Taco Bell food to Amber & see Brynley. Jessica is bummed that Brynley couldn't wait 2 more days to be born on Jessica's birthday. :)

How I love this dear daughter of mine! She brings fun, and silliness, and a touch of easy-goingness to our family, and I am so grateful she is one of mine. ♥
♥ Melody