Saturday, January 10, 2009

1930's Marital Scale Quiz

I took the test for Steve. I know that you are *supposed* to take the quiz for yourself, but I think that we are harder on ourselves than anyone else. So, I took the quiz to see how great my husband was instead. I answered honestly and carefully at how he treats me, the children, and others.


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

He is a great husband, father, and provider. He is also wonderful best friend & sweetheart, and I love him dearly!

See dear! I told you that you were perfect for me!


  1. My husband only got a 71 and that is considered superior! I love him, but he isn't that great of a husband overall. Now to see how good of a wife I am, should be fun...

  2. I only got a 43, I'm average. Guess I have some work to do!

  3. Wow, that was fun. I was worried we'd be in the doghouse, but things have changed in 70 years. Women are supposed to do it all, and men are supposed to do, well, more. ;) So we both turned out pretty darn good. Loved reading the statements - several made me laugh.

  4. I'll have to take this for my hubby!!! haha