Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day & Yes, Pecan!

So did you watch the inauguration this morning? I thought it was well done. I really love Pres. Obama's speeches, they are truly impressive. The music was beautiful, the poetry lovely. It was a feast for the ears this morning.I just truly hope that he and VP Biden will support and defend the Constitution like they swore to do.

I worry a lot about new Presidents. I always wonder where they *really* want to take the country. Ever since I learned a few years ago that Hitler was elected, I worry. I had thought that he (Hitler) had gotten in power because of a coup or something, you know some kind of violent overthrowing of the government. But no. He was elected. He was a politician. He kissed children's cheeks and shook hands with all of the ladies and gentlemen. I've even seen a photo of him petting the head of a deer at the zoo; the deer must not have been a Jew, huh?So ever since I found out, I haven't been able to relax.

I love his idea of people coming together in love and harmony. But how does he plan to make that happen. You can't make people show love to each other. I try every day with my children and look at how that turns out!

So I'll watch and wait.

Tonight I have every intention of serving this for dessert:

(pic from Ben & Jerry's official site).

(pic from BeDifferentActNormal.blogspot.com

How clever is that? "Yes, Pecan!" Here is the story of the ice cream from
Trailhead: Obama: The Ice Cream [UPDATED! A LOT!] on March 6, 2008:

"Last night, after Barack Obama won Vermont, we called on our loyal readers to help us name an Obama ice cream flavor. Ben & Jerry's is famous for such flavors as Cherry Garcia (named for the Deadhead), Phish Food (named for the Dead successors), and Americone Dream (named for the not-dead Stephen Colbert), and if Ben & Jerry's delivered a victory for Obama, then it should also honor him with a taste of his own.

Plenty of you responded with riffs on Obama's name. Peanut Butter Barackle, Obamana Split, and Barackadamia Nut all raised a chuckle. But it was Aaron Nathan of Amherst, Mass., who really impressed. Eschewing Obama's name, he reached another level of ingenuity when he sent in his entry: "Yes, Pecan!"

Bravo, Aaron. Bravo."

Too funny!

P.S. They don't have Yes, Pecan in UT! At least in my small town. Did you look and find any??

Have a fun day celebrating our new President!


  1. We watched it in class all day!! His speech was wonderful!!

    I didn't know about Yes Pecan! I'll have to check it out!

  2. I watched it and I *LOVED* Aretha Franklin's hat. Nate hated it, but I'm totally getting a hat like that someday.