Friday, February 29, 2008

Living Healthy

I went to Young Living Farms again yesterday. Two weeks ago was my first visit. While we were there, my husband signed us up to sell the products. I wasn't sold on the products yet and felt we should wait before jumping in to such a commitment, but he had gone to Young Living Farms with my daughter six months before and the testimonials about the oils excited him, so we signed up.

Yesterday I was returning to buy another bottle of Valor. Valor is my favorite oil of the Young Living essential oils. After visiting the chiropractor my back is always achy, but valor makes the ache go away within minutes. I also use it in between chiropractor visits when my back is achy and get the same great results. I wanted to see if it worked on anyone else in my family as great as it had me, so after my husband's last chiropractor (a NUCCA chiropractor) appointment, when his neck was stiff, I applied some Valor and within a minute he could turn his head and the pain was gone. So, needless to say, we LOVE the stuff!

The other oils are ok, but I haven't found a great use for them yet. You can visit Young Living's official site at
And if you find anything you'd like to try, I'd love it if you bought it from me by clicking on this link.

Another oil I love doesn't come from Young Living at all but is made by Premier, and I buy it though my chiropractor. It is an Attar from India that is supposed to bring your body and mind into balance. It smells good and I love the stuff; it makes me just feel better. I am stupid as to "why" they work, but my best understanding is that everything has an energy frequency and the different Attars strengthen a certain frequency. There are three main Attars: Kapha, Vata, and Pitta, and there are three sub-groups that seem to be blends of the main three for those that are not purely one Attar.

Yesterday I also tried a clay facial mask. I was skeptical, because I haven't done masks before, but I loved how my skin felt and looked afterward. I used Redmond Clay mixed with water to make a paste about the consistency of toothpaste. Redmond Clay is also used as a remedy for bee stings, bruises, insect bites, and boils, and can also be used internally. Just think of it as a detoxifier and you are on the right track. This is their official website.

I am trying to live healthier. My family has a major medical history of just about every disease known to man, so I figure that I had better combat nature by nurturing myself.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Bunnies Born

The bunnies were actually born last week, but I was too busy taking care of things to tell about them.

My New Zealand and Mini Lop are great mommies; they have had several successful litters before. Both had a couple of babies die, but most lived and are roly poly little bundles right now. They're eyes are still closed, but their fur is coming in nicely. Most of the Mini Lop's babies are solid black, which won't sell as well as the one and only baby who is white with black spots. The New Zealand was bred with a Dutch buck, and two of the three of the bunnies have the Dutch markings; the other bunny is white with black spots.


The other two female rabbits didn't do so well with their babies, but being first time mommies it's understandable. They'll do better next time.

I brought all the mommies and babies into the basement, where the climate is moderately cool. The rabbits and bunnies will all do well there, and the mom's will have better luck keeping their babies alive than they would in the extreme cold of the winter and heat of the summer. It's nice having babies in the house again!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rock on dude!

On Friday, Steve and Josh went to a rock concert where Adjacent to Nothing played. They both had a great time, but the next day Steve was achy from being in the moshe pit; he just can't believe that he's not 18 anymore!