Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slow day....

Today is a slow day here at my house. Most of the family doesn't feel well, so we stayed home from church. The only one who went was Steve so that he could teach Sunday School.

Sundays are Michael's favorite days. He adores church, so he was sad not to go, poor kid.

The other kids sat and played games around the kitchen table; I don't think they mind as much.

Me? I have sat. A lot. I've watched for new posts to appear on my blogroll. I have looked on etsy at quilt patterns. Then I started looking in my picture folders.

Here is some of what I found from the past year:

What can I say...we have a menagerie of animals at our house.

I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! Ours extends into Monday this week. I'm hoping to be feeling better tomorrow because I had a full day planned. I'd really like to get my bathroom repainted.

Do you have Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday off tomorrow? If you do, what are your plans?

Have a great one!


  1. I enjoyed these pictures so much. You do have lots going on at your house. My girls are off from school. One has a tennis lesson and that is about it. I need to keep working on my Isaiah Precepts lesson to keep up.
    The weather is BEAUTIFUL! here today. I have my windows open and letting in the fresh air.
    Hope your feeling better by tomorrow.


  2. Love the pictures! It is a slow day here today, but Sundays usually are.

  3. We had bunnies and chicks when I was growing up! I loved that.

    I wish my days were slow....ah, maybe next week!

  4. I love your pictures!

    I need to give the questions I'm going to ask you some thought. I've got a bunch I need to take care of around the house so it may not be until later tonight.

    Have a great day!