Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And the Winner is.......

Have I ever mentioned that I am *not* photogenic?? Well, now I have. Amber took pics and I have my eyes closed in one, one is simply TERRIBLE!, and the rest are blurry.

So I watched the home video she took, and took a frame shot. It's blurry...but at the end of a very long day, maybe that is for the best! ;-)

Notice the cake? It is lemon. Sorry everyone; nobody guessed it right. But I do love carrot cake, cheesecake, and german chocolate!

I loved hearing everyone's favorite cake & pie! It made me hungry for the variety! (And Christy, if I lived closer to you I'd make you a carrot cake on your birthday every year!)

I put all of your names in my boggle game (w/o the letters!) and shook it up and had Emily pick out one slip of paper...

and the name on the paper was......


So Kate, send me an email saying which book you'd like along with your address and I'll send you the book of your choice! CONGRATULATIONS!!

And a big THANK YOU to all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday! It was wonderful to feel the ♥!

And answering your question April, having two birthdays in a row actually makes time go in the other direction! So I am once again 37! Just kidding! I'm really 39. My last year in my 30's. I better make it good, huh?!


  1. Thanks! I appreciate the offer.

  2. Oh, I should have guessed. Josh had a lemon cake for his birthday. I love it because Sara always goes with chocolate then a week later Josh goes with lemon. The best of both worlds.

  3. Katie is a lucky dog. Anyway, Happy Birthday! The lemon cake looks tastey :)

  4. Happy Birthday. Looks like it was a good one. Don't be too hard on yourself. The picture it great.


  5. Oh yay, I'm so excited! Happy happy day. Thanks and I hope you loved your cake-it looks delicious!

    umm..I don't know your email address