Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday's Scenery

Yesterday as I was driving the kids to school amid the fog and mist, I started noticing unexpected colors on the leafless trees: like dark chocolate brown bark, yellow-green moss growing on the north side, tan seed pods adorning the skeletal remains.

It struck me that I had read that trees can be enjoyed in the winter as well as the summer, as their robes of leaves are laid upon the grass and their natural beauty is revealed.

So I told Steve that upon this rainy, gray January day we should embark on a journey to look for beauty wherever it abounded. He grabbed hold of the idea and was as excited for it as I. He commented that it was such a great plan that perhaps it should become a tradition on gray, murky days: to go find beauty amid the gloom.

Here are a few scenes that we beheld (I left them rather large when you click on it, so that you can get a better view):


  1. Gosh...I wish I lived there. It is so beautiful!!

  2. all these photos are so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful!!! Just lovely!