Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's on your resolution list?

I'm still pondering New Year resolutions. Getting my Amber's sewing machine fixed is on there! Yesterday I cleared off my desk, put the sewing machine on it, got out my patches for my quilt, made a pattern with the patches, sat down to sew and......the needle didn't go up and down. There is just a revving sounds. Dang! Don't you hate it when you have psyched yourself up to do a project and gone to all the trouble to start and then something happens where you can't?

I bought some more material yesterday even though I know the sewing machine is broken. I am having faith that it will be something small and I can get back to work. I am going to make another little quilt. This will be the top:

I know, I know, I should be working on Josh's quilt, but something about the enormity of that project has me paralysed. I will work through that issue, this year too. There we go! My second resolution: Finish Josh's Quilt. Talking this through is therapuetic.

Yesterday I also bought some felt to make some Christmas Cookie Ornaments that I saw on Bloomin' Workshop's Flikr Pics. Take a look at #30 Sugar Cookies when you get there. Jared told me how cruel I'd be to make something that looks so good to eat when they aren't edible. (That kid's life revolves around food!) The pics came from this blog post.

I've got to go make breakfast...the kiddos are all awake now. Drop me a line in my comments and let me know what is on your own list of resolutions. Perhaps I can get inspired to finally finish mine!


  1. Oh besides the weight issue....

    I want to make enough berets to sell at the market this spring and be successful at selling them!

    I want to start early and make both my girls quilts for Christmas next year and be finished with them by October! HA...we will see!

  2. That will be nice! Have you decided what kind of quilt you want to make?

    I hope I'm done with Josh's by October!

  3. My main one is to lose weight - and stick to keeping it off. Since Copper's a city employee we get super cheap city gym membership and I still don't have an ID card (he's been there almost 4 months already! Which means I'm pathetic)

    I also want to learn to knit and improve my crochet technique... I've taken a hiatus from quilting lately...

  4. Melody, what great fabric! Gorgeous birds. I think it will make a lovely quilt top.

    Maybe you should simplify Josh's so it doesn't seem so bad. If the cutting has you really paralyzed, see if you can't make the pieces larger or simplify the blocking...I'm not a quilter, but I thought the idea behind representing stuff he loves was a great idea. It would be a shame if it intimidated you forever until it became a huge guilt trip. It's such a cute and fun idea... I hope you're able to enjoy it soon!

  5. I love that fabric! Where did you get it? I haven't come up with any resolutions yet. I tend to more set goals for the year than resolutions. Resolutions are always so big and life changing.

  6. I really like the birds on that fabric. I haven't solidified my new year goals but they go along the lines of

    *loose weight
    *keep the house more organized by finding a place for everything/getting rid of stuff
    *get out of debt
    *read my scriptures every day
    and there's lots more, but I am trying to not have too many and thus overwhelm myself.

    I find that when sewing projects overwhelm me, the #1 thing is to just get started. Thinking about it is way worse than the actual process. Then to try to work on it at least once a week. I usually reserve Wednesdays for doing projects when I had a schedule....which reminds me

    *resolution: get back to using schedule

  7. Christy - I got the fabric on sale at JoAnn's.

    Fox - I say you should definately get that pass! What an opportunity! I've thought I should crochet again too.

    Becca & M.T. - thanks for the encouragement on the quilt. I think I do just need to "do it"!

    Everyone - thanks for sharing some of your resolutions. It helped me remember some of the other important things I need to add.

    I love all of your ideas!

  8. Here is the SKU number for the bird material, if you're interested:
    It's name on my receipt is:
    Cardinal Patch

    Here is JoAnn's website, where you can order material or find a store near you: