Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Magic

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I'm feeling a bit meloncholy today. The world outside my windows is wet, white, and wonderful! Inside I need to tidy up, but can't seem to find the umph I need. I also need to cook some food for the four of us to eat. Bah. I was *not* a born homemaker.

Instead, there is a lot that has been going on in my head instead. Visits to Christmases past, listening to my little ones talking with each other, thinking about what made Christmas so... so... sparkly...and so..magic, when I was a child. I'm trying to think if it was events leading up to Christmas, or traditions that made Christmas seem more exciting, or if it was just because I was a child. But I am missing and longing for that magic again.

What about you? Are your Christmases still magic? What traditions do you have that make your holidays sparkle?


  1. Definitely lacking the Christmas magic here. I'm not sure where it went and when I lost it. I don't think Christmas is very magic for my son either, I guess that is my fault. I'm not sure how to make it magic. He doesn't care about getting stuff at all, so that makes it harder.

  2. This year has actually been really nice! My husband and I were talking about that yesterday. We thought that with both girls out of the house we were going to be sad and hard to get in the spirit but it has been the opposite. I think because I am making most of the gifts by hand this year so there is less stress.

    We always go to Waffle House on Christmas Eve at midnight. That is a tradition we will always have!

    I hope the magic comes to you soon!!!

  3. I think it is harder to have Christmas magic when because I am the MOM and responsible for making Christmas wonderful for everyone else--and handmade Christmas is WAY stressful because there is only a week left and I'm not done yet!!!

    I think what really made Christmas magic for me as a kid was this: My mom loved to celebrate Christmas traditions from around the world. So during the month of December we would have Santa Lucia Day and St. Nicolas day and Hannuka. She looked up as many cultures as she could and we celebrated Christmas with every single one of them. I need to be less lazy and do that for my children.

    Another part of the magic was of laying awake on Christmas Eve and wondering what presents I would get and looking out my window at the starry sky and breathing the cold air and feeling so excited and peaceful all at the same time. I don't do that any more because I am always still working frantically on presents for the kids and my husband can't keep a secret to save his life--So if he gets me something, I know what it is.

    I think that planning ahead would help me alot--except that I don't ever get great inspiration for presents until right at November/December.

    Reading the Ensign usually helps me and driving around to see Christmas lights with the kids is good too.

  4. Christy - It *is* hard to be responsible for someone else's feelings. My guess is that Christmas *is* magic for your boy, but that he doesn't verbalize it. I didn't think Christmases were magic for my kids either, but as I talked over Christmas with my teenagers, it seems that it *was* exciting and magical for them when they were small. I really hope it isn't something that we outgrow.

    Betty - I'm so glad that Christmas with an empty nest has still been exciting for you and dh. Have fun at the Waffle House!

    Marvelous Thing - being more prepared might help me, but even this year when I've tried to slow down and take more time to have fun, it still isn't happening. I am thinking that it has to do with traditions that help us feel it is soon Christmas. My traditions are only for Christmas Eve. I'm thinking I need to create some more.

    Thanks for talking this over with me ladies; I sure appreciate you all!

  5. This year I have a totally different Christmas spirit than in years past. This is totally my favorite holiday but instead of a giddy mad dash - this year I'm mellow... still in the spirit - just more contemplative than ever before... sounds like you are contemplating a lot too... that's not a bad thing!!!

  6. I'm with lessofme - I was going to say that it seems like the Christmas Spirit hits me later and later each year.

    This year, I'm feeling a little Christmassy now that I've finished all my Christmas shopping (except for two people).

    Once that huge load is off my shoulders, I can relax a little and enjoy it.