Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The True Joys of Christmas

There are a lot of bloggers talking about their Christmas trees right now, and a lot of them are not happy campers! Here are a few topics being discussed right now: Kids having to play with the tree ornaments. Dogs tipping over the Christmas tree. Broken tree ornamants. Frustrated Mom's having to redecorate the tree. True, simple Christmas joys.

So I began remembering Christmases past:

My cats tipping over my Christmas tree every day for the entire season when they were kittens (I say "kittens" loosely, as they were 8 months old).

Babysitting for other moms while they worked, and having three two year olds fondling my tree ornaments and undecorating the tree constantly.

Having little ones trying to unwrap the presents the minute they were under the tree.

Because I had at least one little child in my home for 17 years, last year was such a treat when I could actually decorate the tree the full length and put wrapped presents under the tree. You see, typically I decorated my tree on the highest 2/3 of the tree and left the last little bit bare. I figured that is what was going to happen anyway, and I might as well spare my ornaments in the first place. AND I stayed up wrapping all of the gifts that had been hidden in cars, trailers, under the bed, etc. on Christmas eve, when I could finally put the gifts under the tree. It didn't really make for a very awake Mama on Christmas day.

But you know what? I'm not really out of the woods yet, and probably never will be. My oldest just turned 18. I have a 16 year old daughter, too. I will be able to enjoy the Christmas tree and presents for now, but in just a few years there will be grandbabies and I will start all over again. Hurray! Because you know what? Children are more adorable at Christmastime than any beautifully decorated Christmas tree will ever be. Remind me of that in about 5 years, will you?? ;-)


  1. I also only decorate the top 2/3 of the tree. It used to be because of the boy, but now it is because of the cats. We have very few breakable ornaments, why have to worry about them. The few we have are at the very top where they are "safe". I don't understand people who get all upset about little things.

  2. We put our tree up on a table one year when the kids were real little. I've known several other families that have done the same. I've done the decorating the top 2/3 before because of dogs. My dogs are good about it now... as long as I can see them, that is.

  3. So far my dogs have not bothered the tree.

    I did have a bird fly in the house and poop on it...I suppose I should have took pictures and blogged about that but I was running late for work.

    Anyway, now that I have an empty nest I miss moments like messing with the ornaments! :(

  4. Melody, I'd just seen your words of prayer in Amanda's blog, I want to ask your permission to put that copy of prayer in my blog, for it is so true and so inspiring :), gonna put it on my blog for a reminder :)
    Please leave a comment in my blog if you agree, thank you very much