Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Tribute to My Oldest Child on His 18th Birthday

Josh is my oldest child. He is the apple of my eye. He is funny and sweet. Sassy and naughty. And everything in between.

He has a great sense of humor and loves to be silly with his sister. The picture above was taken on the trip home from the zoo back in April. Rarely does he use this expression, but isn't it priceless? It makes me smile.

This picture was taken when I was pregnant with Josh. Pregnancy with Josh was difficult. I was soooo sick! I had to go for an IV once because I'd thrown up so much. I loved being pregnant though, because I wanted a baby soooo much.

Here is Josh on his first birthday. See the puppy he's holding? He grabbed that stuffed animal at the store and wouldn't let go!

Here is Josh on his 4th birthday. See the pony in the background? That was Josh's favorite toy from the time he was 2 until 6, when he outgrew it. He has always loved to rock: on ponies, swings, chairs. He still has to be in motion.

This picture was taken in '99 when Josh was just barely 9. I love how big his smile is!

This picture was taken in '02, when Josh was 11. Notice how he has his arms around his sister and brother? He was protective of his siblings and watched over them alot.

This picture was taken at the family birthday party when Josh turned 15. I really wish I would have enjoyed him more during the years between 14-16. Those are hard years for me! They go from being kids to that aweful in between stage when they don't have wisdom to go with their thirst for independence. This was the year he went to live with his bio-dad (sitting in the chair holding Michael).

This was the year Josh turned 17. This was a great year, because we started being better friends again.

Josh went through a gothic stage. Long hair, black clothes, skulls, big baggy pants w/ chains. I'm soooo glad he outgrew this one! :-)

Remember last summer when he colored his hair and it turned kind of purple? Come to find out, I really liked it! He has since dyed it pure black. I miss the lavender highlights!

And this picture is as close to a portrait as I have come for years! It was taken when school started this year. What a handsome guy, huh?!

He turned 18 today. He is living with his dad again, but is trying to move out with a group of friends. He calls me often, though, and sends me texts that tell me that he loves me. He never hangs up the phone without telling me he loves me. My heart swells with pride at the good person he has become, and I love him dearly!

Happy Birthday, son! I love you!

P.S. I wrote another post earlier today about Michael that you won't want to miss! Melody


  1. Melody~

    That was so beautiful....and the music st the mood for the read.

    He is a very handsome young man. His eyes in the last photo are beautiful!

    Happy Birthday to Josh!!

  2. Cute! Josh is so adorable! everything you wrote about is so sweet