Friday, December 5, 2008

Auction for Josephine Elizabeth

Josephine Elizabeth is a cousin of Kate the Great and Marvelous Thing. She was born this past October with a genetic defect, and so family members are having an auction & sale over at to raise money for her medical care.

You can read more about Josephine Elizabeth and her condition at Kate the Great or/and at Jeanne's Life

I hope that each of you will go over and take a look at the items up for sale. They are reasonably priced, would make great Christmas gifts, and will go to support a great cause!


  1. Sorry it is taken me all day to get back to you. Work was HORRIBLE today. 4 boys were having really really bad days. I have one heck of a headache!! I've given myself 15 minutes on the computer than I'm relaxing in the tub!

    Ok ready to play....your letter is "E"....have fun!

  2. Joshua is so adorable! I love this blog :]
    Yup I'm a dork I got a blog lol
    Karen <3