Monday, December 15, 2008

I WON! and a Tag, too

As I was visiting all of my blogging friends' blogs today, I went to Bloomin' Workshop and found that I WON HER GIVEAWAY!!! Yahoo! Take a look at these cute, cute, cute! pillowcases! I am in love with those things and am looking forward to sleeping on them and dreaming of sugar plums on Christmas Eve! Thanks, Anita!!

Betty, at Keeper of the Skies Wife did this Tag and invited her readers to join her if they wanted to. I thought it might be fun, so I decided to play too!

8 TV Shows I Watch:
I have to tell you that I am not much of a TV watcher, so I have included my favorite TV shows throughout time that I still watch (some on DVD, some re-runs, some new stuff):

1) Legend of the Seeker (My newest addition.)

2) Smallville (I am sooo sucked in. Love Chloe!)

3) Chuck (Great, great, great!)

4) 7th Heaven (Love the messages. I heart the Camdens!)

5) Mad About You (Love that show! It always makes me laugh!)

6) The Cosby Show (Can there ever be a show this good again?!)

7) The Andy Griffith Show (I'd love to live in Mayberry!)

8) Dr. Who (Very exciting sci-fi!)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

1) Got up on time! Hurray!

2) Went to my church's choir practice...I had to, I'm the director! In my church you don't have to have talent so much as just show up, so don't be too impressed!

3) Took Michael to his primary class (I sit with him during his 2 hours of primary.)

4) Set up the Christmas tree.

5) Picked up (& took home) Josh and his girlfriend to come for his birthday party.

6) Made the boys' birthday cake. (They shared one. I know, I know, it's cheating.)

7) Worked on some PJ pants I'm sewing for Josh. (Please remind me that I am not a seamstress! No, you'd better not to that or I might give up altogether. Just encourage me.)

8) Watched It Happened One Night, with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. (Loved it when he blew the toy horn to bring down the walls of Jerico!)

8 Favorite Places to Eat:

1) The Outback (Their Caesar Salad! Baked sweet potato w/ brown sugar! Prime Rib! Cinnamon Oblivion (they don't have this anymore, dang it!)

2) Los Amigos (Smothered bean burrito!)

3) Cracker Barrel (Pot Roast! Cooked baby carrots! Fried apples! Have you tried their Coca Cola Chocolate Cake? YUM!)

4) Taco Bell (Bean burrito, minus onions. Taco Salad.)

5) Taco Time (Crisp bean or meat burritos! Yum, yum!)

6) Hunan City (General Tsao's Chicken. Chow mien. Sweet & Sour Chicken. YUM!)

7) Sensuous Sandwich (oh how I love that place! They have sauces that make their sandwiches taste heavenly! So much better than Subway!!!)

8)Home. I love to eat my own cooking even though I don't really love to cook. I love that it is cheaper and I love my tried and true recipes. I love knowing exactly what I'm eating. I like to cook in extra-virgin olive oil, to add Real Salt, to avoid yucky preservatives and unnatural seasonings.

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:

1) Being a grandma (but not too soon, kids!)

2) Being a pre-school teacher, and running the pre-school out of my home. (I have plans on going back to college for my one-year degree and then follow up with my associate degree soon. That way I can be home with my kids and grandkids and still make a little money besides. I really love this age of kids!)

3) Finishing Josh's quilt.

4) Being a proficient seamstress/quilter.

5) Lavender days in June. I would travel hundreds of miles to go to this! There is a horse-drawn wagon ride that takes you around the herbal fields while the herbs are flowering. As I rounded the chamomile patch last year it smelled like warm honey. I love the booths that sell lavender lemonade, shredded meat sandwiches, all-natural (w/ agave as the sweetener) granola bars, and all kinds of unique foods. Climbing towers and the big blow-up/bouncy slides for the kids. Jousting. Medieval man operated carnival rides. Paddle boats. Great stuff!

6) Learning more about herbal/natural remedies & muscle testing. Very cool stuff.

7) My family reunion. I haven't attended for 10 years! I am going this summer.

8) Growing old with my husband.

8 Things on my Wish List:

1) A Zune! I have coveted those little things since Pioneer Woman had Zune Day Giveaways last June!

2) A super cool camera. I'd love to take awesome pictures, frame them, and sell them. Wouldn't that be cool?!? And you all could say that you knew me before I was famous! ;-)

3) To be out of debt! Hate, hate, hate that stuff!

4) To become a really great budgeter and be really great with numbers!

5) For my house to look like a Better Homes & Gardens house.

6) To live in the country in a house with its own well or spring & a wood cook stove.

7) A soapstone wood stove. I had one of these in Kentucky and I loved it! They are sooo beautiful.

8) To build a stackwood/, something. I don't know if I would have the stamina to build a house, but a shed or something would be awesome!

If you decide to do the Tag, let me know when you post it because I'd love to read it, okie dokie?

Have a great day!

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  1. 1st. Congrats on winning!!

    2nd. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Sew those PJ's!!

    3rd. I love Cracker Barrels Coca Cola Cake!!! YUM!