Monday, June 6, 2011

A run-down of last week

Boy oh boy did I miss you all last week! It was one of *those* weeks. A week that had doctor's appointments on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Six doctors to be exact. And then a wedding dress fitting appointment on Saturday. My sympathies go to all of those who work an hour or more away from home; three of the four days were spend with long commutes (minimum 1 hour), the other one still had me about 40 minutes away from home.

Wednesday, Michael got his cast off. I would say, "HURRAY!" except that it is coming with its own challenges and difficulties. The poor little guy is having a tough time building back up the muscles he had before surgery, so he limps a lot and holds onto furniture most of the time. When I give him a bath, he doesn't want to put any weight on his unbraced foot. He has been terrific about wearing his braces on his leg though.

The second appointment on Wednesday was to be fitted for his braces. He had been casted for them during surgery, so the brace guy just had to trim off the excess off the toe. And they gave him a new pair of shoes! How sweet is that?! I really do love Shriner's Hospital. They are terrific!

On Thursday we were off to the children's hospital for appointments to the neurologist and rehab specialist. Not too much new news there. We were just checking in with the neurologist since Michael's seizures have morphed into new symptoms.

The rehab specialist gave us some things to work with Michael on to build up his strength and help his leg muscles to grow in good ways.

Friday I took Jared to the diabetes doc. His A1C this time was much better than the past few times. (Way to go, Jare! Keep up the good work, son!)

Then I took Amber to the doctor. She has been sick more in the past 3 months than she has been well. It all started with getting a positive culture for strep back at Valentine's Day and then not taking the antibiotics.... The doc didn't give her antibiotics this time, which frustrates me, but she (the doc) did take some blood to look at what is going on inside of Amber and also another strep culture. I really just wanted her to get that antibiotic though.

On Saturday, the seamstress measured and pinned Amber's wedding dress. It will be ready the first part of August, just in time for bridal pictures.

Sunday was the usual: church in the morning and family time for the rest of the day.

Today, I intend on *not* running around like a chicken with my head cut off but to go about my day calmly, taking care of things that got neglected next week.

I am the master of my own fate... when They (the big cumulative "they") let me be. ;)

Have a great day!


  1. Holy moly! lol. Hope this week is a little slower for you Melody. :)

  2. I was hoping so too! But so far today I have made an appt for physical therapy for tomorrow morning, possibly doing a photo shoot w/ Amber and Tino's engagement pics (a friend of the family will be doing a shoot w/ them this week too) and a doctor's appointment for Emily this afternoon. Whew! I'm off and running already! ;)

  3. I knew how your week went, but somehow reading it actually made it sound worse...if that's possible:) Btw, what new symptoms? Good luck today!:)

  4. Maren: Just going from the 2 hour episodes once every 4 months to lasting 1-2 minutes a couple of times a day a couple of times a week. They have gotten better in my estimation, but I wanted to check.

    Back when I made the appt he was having the 1-2 minute ones every day for 3-4 weeks straight. :/ Not nearly that often now, thank heavens! :)