Thursday, June 23, 2011

Engagement Pic Photo Shoot

Yesterday, Amber, Tino, & I went to their favorite walking park and took some pics. (I'm sorry that the quality of the photos are so bad. I don't know why they look so blurry here.... )

And it made me realize that perhaps the mom should *not* be taking the engagement pics. They were kissing and I'd hurry and snap off shots and tell them, "Ok, we're done".

I think I'm beginning to understand my kids' shouts of "OOOOH YUCK!" when they run into Steve & me kissing. (Which makes me always think of "Cheaper by the Dozen" - the new one - when Hillary Duff's character came into her parent's bedroom only to find them kissing & tells them to "get a room" "we've already got one" "well at least wait until I leave" "can you hurry, then?")

I'm still uncomfortable with remembering that my children are people. Perhaps they have the same problem with Steve & me.

Anyhow, their pics turned out way cute (I'm still working on photoshopping out Amber's tag on that second to last one.... )

They are having another photoshoot today with Amber's bff's mom, Barb. Can't wait to see those pics too!

Have a great day today!

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  1. awwwwwww they look soooooo perfect together <3 <3