Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great wedding ideas I found this morning

Okay, so I was visiting be different act normal this morning and came across two great ideas that I have to share to you!

First of all, with Amber's wedding coming up, I am looking for wedding ideas & found one! It is a wedding book made from Jenga Blocks. Each guest signs a message on a Jenga block, & the happy couple can read the advice & well wishes as they play the game. Cute! (as a side note, if you see any cute wedding tips, please pass them my way, okay? :)

Another idea was related to engagement photos, but can be used anytime. At Oh! Weddings (they are the ones with the jenga block idea, that be different act normal liked), they say that it "Doesn't matter the day was not sunny... an item as simple as balloons, plays a great role adding a nice touch of color, contrasting with the gray sky of the Dutch city and focusing all our attention on the couple" go take a look at the pics on there. It's amazing what colorful balloons can do!

Today I have to call the orthopedist and get Michael's leg brace adjusted. Right now it is rubbing a spot on his ankle. Michael's physical therapist caught the "hot spot" yesterday. Thank heavens for him & his eye for those things that I miss.

And I also have to stop by the pharmacy today. Emily is still sick. :( I hope that the antibiotic will help her to feel better soon!

How about you? Any fun things planned for the day? One of these days I need to stay home and get some projects done. (sigh) At least it is warm & sunny outside & I have great excuses to get me out in it! :)

Have a wonderful day! :)