Monday, July 4, 2011

Pics of the Weekend - July 4th

To all in the USA: Happy Independence Day! To all else: Happy Monday! :)

This weekend has been a good one, though different from what I'd planned. First, we planned to go to my family reunion... it didn't work out. Then, Steve & I were thinking about going camping, just the two of us. Then I wimped out when I remembered that there is still snow on the mountain & it was going to get pretty chilly at night. Then I started a HUGE project that I got wrapped up in: moving rooms. A new bedroom for everyone! Yeah, it looks like a natural disaster happened in my house. I'm still working on it...

So instead, Steve & I have done many little things together, one of which was going to an art museum. Amber met us there so that we could bring her back home with us so that she could see Emily and Matt's dance performance. (more about the dance performance tomorrow :) The statues and pictures were beautiful, but I got way more involved in the courtyard taking pics.... Since I took so many, I'll share a few of them now and then a few more during the week. All pics can be enlarged by clicking on them - they will appear in a new window.

Amber and Steve were very patient in waiting for me to get finished....

Later I found out that Steve had been writing a poem while I was taking pics.

So I tried to take a pic to capture the imagery from his poem:

The lighting was more harsh than I would have liked, so maybe I'll go back another time early in the day to try again.

Steve's Poem (though he says, "Not so much a poem as just thoughts on the sculpture garden.")

In the sculpture garden
thick castings, heavy marble, weathered bronze
statues, stoic beauty
bare to the sun and rain

Bright flowers, verdant greens
surround, encircle, re-clothe the
figures, alive in the spring

Never changing, holding poses
tireless in toil.
Ever changing, creeping blossoms
push up from the soil

seasonally clothing, then revealing
man carved forms
transitory, natures beauty
fleeting yet timeless
overshadows art

frozen in time, movement.
never starting, never ending,
frames the fragile flowers

a splash of color, now a downpour,

flower garden with sculptures? or
sculpture garden with flowers?

I really love so much about Steve, but the word that sums him up the best is "eclectic". He can watch a shoot'em up action movie and turn around and watch a chick flick with me and enjoy them both; he likes dancing and martial arts; he likes going to the theatre and to a rodeo. This wonderful man of mine fits together so well with me that it is no wonder that God put us together. (Thanks for being you, Steve :)

Today will be more playing and less working; the house can wait, I'm going to spend time with Steve for a few hours and then enjoy the kids when Josh, Karen, and Aiden come over for a bar-b-que and to share their fireworks with us.

Have a super day and I'll see you tomorrow :)

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