Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Facebook Note

On Sunday, after reading notes of love - over and over and over - on facebook from my facebook friends (and after throwing up a little in my mouth at some of them) I wrote this "note" and titled it "I think I'm the *least* romantic person I know...." (No, I didn't tag anyone in it - though I had to hold myself back ;)

I have taught my children their whole life that "love" isn't everything - you can "love" a serial killer.

I teach them that true love is not all about the physical attraction like butterflies in the stomach or fireworks when you kiss, but MORE!

It is about mutual respect and admiration. It is about loving the whole person and not just bits and pieces. It is about being yourself with your "love"; if they love you after that, then just perhaps it might last.

Robert Fulghum wrote an essay about "and they lived happily ever after" that I love. Take a look:

(I found the whole essay at:

The following is just a portion of the essay:

( taken from the book It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It by Robert Fulghum. This article has been contributed by ReadnSurf Editorial Team. )

"WEDDINGS ARE USUALLY THOUGHT OF AS FAIRY-TALE times when Real Life is momentarily suspended. "And they lived happily ever after" seems possible, if only for a day.

When my children were small and their daddy tried to end bedtime stories with the happy ending, one of them would always ask, "And THEN what happened?" How could I tell them that Cinderella discovered she was married to a guy with a foot fetish and that glass slippers hurt like hell? How could I tell them that the frog who was kissed by the princess might have turned into a prince, but still had the personality of a frog and ate flies for breakfast instead of cereal? What I know about real life suggests those are not unreasonable answers to the and-then-what-happened question."

To sum up my attitude and belief on "love", I say: In matters of the heart.. don't forget to also use your head.

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