Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday in Pics - motion: panning & blurring + a cattle round up

On Friday afternoon, I took Michael to the park. I needed to take another panning (keeping the subject in focus while everything around it is blurred) shot for my photography class.

I think they are good! (I'm still working for the "perfect" panning shot, but good is great!)

Then later on that evening, Steve & I drove up the canyon. It was beautiful!

I worked on my "blurring motion" assignment from my photography class:

And we saw a real live cattle round up:

There was another picture I wanted to take, but I chickened out. :/ It would have been a scene like this: imagine about 10 cowboys and cowgirls all dressed up in their chaps, hats, & spurs leaning up against the corral talking together while some others worked with the cattle. It was a great shot, but because I hate to ask people if I can take their picture and I won't take one w/o permission, I missed it. :/ BUT I promised my friend Regina that if I ever have the opportunity to take a similar pic, I'll cowgirl up & take it.

And then, there was the sunset that I had to play with:

God is such an amazing artist, isn't He? The colors & shapes at sunset show His hand in things better than at any other time of the day.

Have a Happy Monday!

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