Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It is Thursday already. Can you believe it?!

I haven't done a Thankful Thursday for a little while. I think it will be good for me to count my many blessings....

I'm thankful for:

- Steve, Jared, and Matt, who have each helped me build a new chicken coop that will be fully enclosed, allowing no chicken to wander EVER AGAIN! Or as long as we live in this house, whichever may be the case. And for Emily for making yummy food & lemonade for us while we were working.

- That M.- Miss Birthday Girl from Saturday's party, a friend and almost-cousin to my kids - could come and hang out at our house for a couple of days. It is always good to be able to have her around. :)

-That we do *not* have weddings every year that we have to plan. Have I ever mentioned that I am *not* a party girl or "fun" person? I am a fun sucker. No birthday parties. No sleepovers (except with cousins). I really am a hermit. A stick in the mud. A wet blanket. When asked by the photographer at Josh's wedding if I was "having fun?" I just glared. Seriously? How can *anyone* have fun when their is so much responsibility and work to do? Sheesh. (I took the color quiz, which tells you if you are a red (power), blue (hard worker, compassionate, etc), white (peacemaker) and/or yellow (fun). I tallied up my score and did the math and found that I am .02% yellow/fun. I coulda told you that!! ;)

- That school is almost out for the year. Hurray!! (and that my kids are passing all of their classes! Double HURRAY! - BTW, I heard a funny thing from a friend whose son is having a hard time in school. His aunt told his mom to encourage him to just get D's, because D stands for DIPLOMA. :)

- That Spring is right around the corner. Not yet, mind you, but SOON! (I am choosing to ignore the snow that is dusted on my lawn. I will look outside again as soon as the sun has a chance to come over our horizon - it takes awhile since I live near the foothills of a huge mountain - and the sun has had a chance to melt it all off. I'm choosing to think of it as frozen dew. ;)

- That their is fruit in the house! Yay! Hurray for oranges and bananas! Fruit for breakfast makes me feel so much "cleaner" than pancakes or toast.

- That Steve has a good job, and at a printing company no less, where we get a discount on prints, canvases & wedding invitations. :)

- That, for the most part, we are all healthy and well. That we have found a good doctor to take care of Michael's leg, and that (keep your fingers crossed) we can have his surgery on May 2nd.

- For facebook & blogs. (And farmville - yes, sad to say that I am addicted. As a gardener & farmer it is so nice to be able to "click" and git r done - from building outbuildings to growing crops that take 2 days at the longest to harvest. nice!) So nice that I can connect with family and friends - old and new.

- For family & friends to help me through. :)

Today is going to be a busy day! I'm taking Jared to talk to a teacher at his school that is responsible for EdNet classes so that he can get a lot of college classes out of the way while he is enrolled as a senior in high school. It will be lots cheaper than taking them at the college and it will help him get done quicker. Nice.

Then, I am going to go with Amber to look at dresses for the wedding.

Then, I am going to do a photo shoot with Josh, Karen, and Aiden for their family picture.

THEN I will collapse in bed, thankful for days that I can stay in my PJs and not even take a shower until mid afternoon. :)

Take care. See ya tomorrow. Have a GREAT day!