Wednesday, April 6, 2011

morning, noon, night:4

The morning picture was taken in my living room; please excuse the missing "F" in "friends" on the friends plaque. It fell off, and I'm still hoping to find it. I love how the morning sun lights up and warms this room so well. It always feels so cozy. I also love this section of the bookcase. It is full of children's books that are fun to read, and I love the knick knacks on top.

I don't really collect things, and like to keep things simple, but I have a weakness for little statuettes of characters from books. Up on top there is The Three Bears when they found Goldilocks asleep in bed, Cinderella's carriage, Pinocchio, a Fairy, Peter Rabbit's mother, and the baker from "Patty Cake". Behind them are two framed original Winnie the Pooh prints. So fun! :)

The noontime pic is of Aiden. It is so tricky trying to photograph an active 15 month old! He doesn't like to sit still at all, let alone to have his picture taken. So, photographing him has become catch as catch can.

I love the blue, blue of his eyes, and I'm so excited when I can capture the essence of them on film. (I do wish he'd hold still in a place that didn't have a haphazard pile of books to one side of him and the cat's scratching post on the other, but what can you do about that? ;)

I know the nightime pictures are crappy, as far as exposure/lighting goes. I'm still working on it... Getting to know a new camera is tricky, I think.

Last night's pics were taken at supper time. I have decided (and I'm so happy that my kids are letting me drag them along with me) that the kids need to learn to cook. So, I am choosing the menu and then letting each of them have the opportunity to learn to cook the meal I've chosen for them. In the past I've let them choose, but I am thinking that method it isn't all that practical. Usually it takes special ingredients and it isn't meals that we'd eat all the time. I want them to learn how to cook meals that are simple, inexpensive, and nutritious. Let's hope that they also learn to love it.

Last night Josh and Karen were here, so they helped Jared with his meal. They had a lot of fun. (Thanks for making dinner you three! It was delicious! :)

Matt's pic is so funny. He either bought or was given this plastic toy Easter bunny that pedals a bicycle when you wind it up. Well, Aiden got to it and tore the head off. Then, slowly, the rest of the toy has broken to bits. Matt wanted me to take his picture of him biting off the Easter bunnies head. What can I say, he is 11. :)

I hope that you have a wonderful day full of beauty, interest, and fun. See you tomorrow. :)


  1. So tell us...what was made for supper last night?

  2. They made stir fry. And in the pic Josh is sauteing some mushrooms. Yummy! :)