Monday, April 4, 2011

morning, noon, and um, well...:3

Over the weekend I thought I'd come up with some great pics to choose from this morning, but I forgot. :/ Sorry about that.

Here's what I did get:

About the top picture: Last night, the kids, Steve & I played Balderdash (and baby Aiden played with his toys - he loves that bear!). (And yes, it really is still sitting out on the table. It is begging to be played again. :) It is great fun to try to buffalo each other into believing our answers are the real McCoy. Sometimes they get kind of outrageous, but very funny. Like "Annie Taylor" being the real Little Orphan Annie who ran off and married Mr. Oakley and then later used her gun fighting talents when they settled down in the Old West. Or was she really the daughter of John Taylor from Duran Duran? ;)

If you were to take one picture of the fun you had over the weekend, what would it look like?


  1. Hmm... if I had to pick one picture from the weekend, it would probably be something from Conference - we had so much fun!

  2. That is awesome! To make Conference fun for kids is a huge feat. Way to go! :)