Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, Monday: Cute pics of the kids, Diabetes disaster & Etsy update

Are you excited for the Etsy shop? I am! Today I have been thinking of pricing for product and shipping, and Grand Opening events... I am excited! Be watching tomorrow for it!!

Over the weekend, I played around more with my camera & found a new setting. Consequently, I took snapshots of Aiden learning to manuever the new-to-him kid rocking chair and eating his very first Peep chick. :)

And then I noticed Michael sitting on the couch watching & decided to take his pic too (even though his hair was a mess! :) and it turned out great!

For Easter, Karen and Josh came down and slept over on Saturday so that they could be here early in the morning.

So, before Josh had to leave for work, we colored Easter eggs, hid them, & ate dinner. Karen and Aiden stayed here with us :)

Then, Emily helped Michael find the eggs & Matt helped Aiden find the eggs.

Afterward, we talked about the crucifixion, atonement, and resurrection of Jesus. I love Easter for all of the hope it brings.

The kids went on to watch _Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows_ and just hang out and play and visit with each other. Karen, Emily, & I went to my mom's nursing home to take her some Easter dinner. Tino and Amber met us there, and I was able to give them all their Easter candy from the scavenger hunt the day before.

Then, when I got home, I urged Jared to see if he had keytones - he felt feverish and had been really sick all day - and he did (and still does). :( So last night we had to call the doctor to see what he was supposed to do for it. He told us to keep taking the same amount of long acting insulin, the same carb ratio as normal, but to increase corrections by 50%. So, today he is home trying to get them back down, drinking lots of water, resting, and taking keytone tests. :/

Two years ago at Easter time he was diagnosed with diabetes. I'm sure it is an anniversary he'd rather not have to celebrate. We all have our trials, and diabetes sure isn't a fun one to have.

Anyway, I will be doctoring Jared, paying bills, homeschooling Matt & Michael, getting hay for the goats (the babies are doing great!) and working on the Etsy shop today; somewhere in there I want to watch Harry Potter and eat left overs too. :) I hope that you have a super day full of great things!


  1. Sorry for the drama, but very excited to see your shop up and running:) Tell Jared I hope he feels better:)

  2. Thanks, me too! & I'll tell him :)

  3. Beautiful pictures!

    Boy oh boy... I'll be praying for Jared! Diabetes is a balancing act, that's for sure!

  4. Thanks CB :)

    I appreciate the prayers, we can use all the help we can get!

  5. oh, I'm sorry 'bout the scare! :(

    On the other side -
    That pointing picture is scrumptious.

  6. Thanks Stephanie :) He is so adorable, isn't he?!