Friday, April 8, 2011


I haven't taken any more photos since yesterday morning, and trust me when I say you don't want to see what is going on outside of my house right now! Because, really, who wants to see SNOW in the middle of April? Not me. Blah.

So, let's reminisce about warmer and lovelier things. I went through my blog this morning, and found a post entitled, "What is on my digital picture frame right now". Go take it look if you need some happy thoughts today. Thoughts like "spring really *will* come one of these days" or just to see something other than more snow flurries, if you live in my area.

I went wedding dress shopping with Amber last night. I think that she has found "the one". Maybe I'll have her go wedding dress shopping with me at least once before we order it in her size... or maybe I won't put her through the ordeal, since she has already been shopping a couple of times with friends. She looked beautiful! Now if I can only talk her into wearing a veil. She hates them. I love them. sigh.

The only truly positive thing I can say today is TGIF; I really need a weekend right about now!

Take care, and I'll be sure and upload some pics if I find something warm and cozy to photograph. :)


  1. Serious! Thank goodness it is Friday! I'm ready for the weekend too. I can't wait to see Amber's wedding dress, she is so beautiful!

  2. Melody! I just saw this and thought, "Melody said she needs a person to show her the new camera!" This is PERFECT. I hope the download is free or cheap. If not, let me know. I know a few other really cute, (much more understandable than the manual) and fun tutorials for using your awesome camera in manual mode.

  3. Katie: She *is* beautiful! I wish that I could upload pics from my phone, but I haven't figured out how :/

    Becca: Thanks for sharing that link; she looks like she does great work! She is charging for her ebook and workshops though, so for now, she isn't a good match for me. I see that she is from TX, is she a friend of yours?

    I'm thinking of going back through pioneer woman's tips and seeing what I can glean; anyone else you'd suggest?