Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Come to my garden...

Would you like a tour of my garden? I am especially pleased with it this year!

These are my zucchini and cantaloupe plants:

The zucchini is getting some fruit on it, and the cantaloupe is blossoming.

Here are the Better Boy Tomatoes:

And some Early Girls too!:

These three tomato plants cost me a quarter at the feed store! There were four in a pack, but one died. When I bought them they were very sorry looking, but they are doing well now:

The rhubarb is huge! And the cherry tomato plants are getting some little fruits on them:

And here are my bush beans:

The strawberries are sending off shoots, so maybe I'll have even more strawberry plants next year!

And last, but not least, are my herbs:

And here is the naughtiest weed in my garden:

It is hard to believe that a plant with such pretty flowers could be such a pest! But it winds itself around my unsuspecting plants and I have to rip it off. I have put up some scrap pieces of field fencing for the morning glories to climb on so that I can appreciate their beauty in a spot that it is ok for it to grow.

And this is where I like to go and think.

It is, in truth, my favorite part of the garden. It stays shaded all day, and is a wonderful secret spot. So if ever you can't find me, you'll have a good idea where I am.

If you click on the pic, you'll see the details, like the fairy reading a book in the lilac bush, and my "Welcome to my garden" sign that my daughter bought for me, but that the "Welcome" part won't stay on.

It is a very pretty spot.

Thanks for visiting!

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