Sunday, June 29, 2008

Look What's Arrived!

She did it!

Remember this hen?

Well looky here:


I'm waiting to see if more hatch, 'cause for now she is still setting.

I'll let you know.

Tomorrow I'll go buy some chick start, and while I'm there I'll put an ad on their board about having bantam chicks for sale.

My garden is growing well! There are tomatoes coming on, the strawberries are still producing, my beans and cucumbers are growing like mad, and my zucchinis and cantaloupe are flowering. While I was at Lavender Days I picked up a lavender plant, so today I planted it with my other herbs and found that my chamomile and sage are flowering too. At Lavender Days, there were fields full of chamomile, and I loved how they looked like itty-bitty daisies. As we rounded the corner there was a strong smell of honey, which come to find out was the chamomile!

Hope your day is hatching out some good things for you, too!


  1. Congratulations on the babies! I'd buy some from you if I could.

  2. What bantam chick is that in the picture?

    1. Old English. I love them. The roosters turn out beautiful and the hens are pretty too.

    2. I've also had Japanese Bantams in the past. Here is a look at those chicks and the mama hen:

    3. (It looks like you'll have to copy and paste that link - sorry about that)