Monday, July 28, 2008

A Touch of The Enchanted

I wanted to make my dear husband a yummy breakfast this morning, so I slipped out and went into our backyard farmyard and collected some eggs. Looking toward my garden I was compelled to go and see what kind of transformation had occurred after two days of rain. As I lifted the latch and went in, I felt that I had entered a magical world full of fairies and elves. The sun had not yet come up, and the garden was peaceful and still. The shadows still lingered from night, and I could almost feel the magic as I stood transfixed.

I wanted to capture that on film, to share with you and to keep as a souvenir for myself, but I wanted to make an omelet for my beloved, so I decided I’d go right back out after I’d made his breakfast.

When I got back to my garden, the morning light had broken through the magic of my enchanted garden and left in its wake my ordinarily beautiful garden. The fairies had already scurried back to where they live: under the vines and behind the blossoms, waiting for a quieter time to enter again and cast their spell.

But what I did find and bring to show you are pictures of my common, but very beautiful and bountiful garden.

I found that my watermelon that had been no bigger than an egg a few days ago had swelled into an orb as big as the pumpkin leaf it is lying next to.

And my herbs, which have spread and blossomed, still had drops on them from the night’s showers.

I want to keep my eyes focused on the magical today and not call any happening a mere coincidence. So whether it is a blessing from God, like my abundant garden, or a gift from the fairies, like the magical feeling that I experienced in my enchanted, early morning garden, I want to notice it all and be grateful.

Have a magical day!

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