Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Japanese Bantam Chicks

Here they are! Just as I promised.

The mama wasn't too happy to show off her children. But she moved...when I gently pushed her backside out of the way. Here she is with puffed out feathers, reminding me who is really in charge of the situation!

And here she is teaching her children about the evil ways of man.

I had to take the picture really quick before the mommy came back.

They hatched on Tuesday. The mama and babies are doing very well, thank you. I put mama and babies in the same chicken tractor that I put the other two bantam chicks in to protect them from my cats.

I love bantam hens for being able to hatch out chicks! They seem made for the job.

I do have one standard size chicken (a Delaware) setting on some eggs too. I wish her luck. I'd love to have some more laying hens!

See you tomorrow!

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