Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nick Vujicic

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Need a hero? Get to know Nick Vujicic. This guy is absolutely amazing. Born without limbs, yet he attributes everything he is to God's love and strength. He has no doubt that God loves him, saying that even if the miracle of him getting arms and legs won't happen, he can be the miracle for someone else.

(Everything I quote here about Nick Vujicic is from this YouTube video:

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He was speaking at a church and was saying that he was using his circumstances for the glory of God. That God is more interested in changing your heart than your circumstances. He said that maybe someday he would find someone in his circumstance; little did he know that a 19 month old boy born without arms and legs was in the audience. He is hoping that by that young boy seeing someone else go through the circumstances that he will go through, it will help him throughout his life.

He has been in 14 countries, spoken face to face with 2 million people, and 140,000 people have responded to his message.

He has a DVD out called LIFE WITHOUT LIMBS. From No Limbs to No Limits about his trips taken and Asian tours. He said, "It is just amazing to see how God can use a man without arms and legs to be his hands and feet in such a way that others haven't been used; who are able to go to Indonesia and a lot of places closed to the gospel."

He says in telling your friends about his dvd, don't say, "check this dvd out about this Jesus Christ guy" no, you say, "Hey, their is this dvd about this guy without arms and legs from down-under" "and they'll find out it is about Jesus Christ anyway!"

Quote from Nick: "My purpose in life, no matter what happens, is to bring Glory of God to tell somebody else that Jesus Christ can set you free, that who the Son sets free is free indeed. . . . Sin, fear, & guilt are going to hold you back more than having no arms or legs. It is the greatest disability of all. Jesus Christ can set you free and bring you life and renew your mind and live a life with greater purpose for His name." A lot of people come up and ask, "Nick, how come you smile?" and he replies, "Because the joy of the Lord is my strength."

Pastor Greg (the interviewer) asked him what he would say to people who say that they have different pain and struggles. He said that he would say, "Don't you dare think I'm suffering more than you." "I could find you a sixteen year old girl who would give up her arms and legs if something else could change in her life." "There is no hope in comparing each others suffering but their is hope in the name of the Lord because only He has set us free from sin, only He gives us His spirit inside of us to be the strength to become more than conquerors. . . My circumstances doesn't have to change for me to be happy. . . . Never give up on God, because God will never give up on you."

I always root for the underdog. My heroes have always been people who are dealt a bad hand and make their life good anyway; the ones who don't whine and complain (like I am known to do sometimes), but instead make lemonade out of their lemons. Nick Vujicic is my newest hero.

Thanks for introducing me to him yesterday on your blog, Coffee Bean! You have provided lots of ideas for my posts lately. :-)

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