Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday in the Park

We went to the park...but first we bought an ice cream cone/cup.

Getting out - and the ice cream - made me feel a bit better. The kids had a great time! Michael was excited for the ice cream, but when he saw that we were going to the park he hurriedly handed me his cup, "I'm done! THE PARK! THE SLIDE! WAHOO!" he said and quickly unbuckled his seatbelt, opened the door, and got himself out of the van quicker than I have ever seen him get out before! Steve & I wished we had anticipated that happening and had the camera on camcorder mode just to record the sheer excitement.

Everyone did their own thing. Steve found a park bench and started reading (glancing up every once in a while when he saw the flash go off in his direction!)

Jared started by pushing the little kids around (thank you Jared, for pushing them for as long as they wanted so that I could have some time for myself! =)

Emily, my little drama queen, gears up for round 2:


She comes by the drama queen title honest though, since she is the granddaughter of a true Drama Queen. My mother was in drama and played the queen once...though I don't remember what play it was in. But Emily will certainly follow in her grandma's footsteps, I'm sure.

Then Jared found that he wanted a piece of the action:

Michael's favorite thing is the slide!

And Matt is my monkey. His kissin' cousin is in the zoo! (Did I ever tell you that I kissed a spider monkey through the glass at the zoo? I did! I taught him to pucker up and kiss the glass. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!) Here Matt is on TOP of the jungle gym (where the signs say NOT to be!):

And, just to be clear, he is giving the PEACE SIGN, NOT the finger! Just so you understand my kid a little better. 'Cause from where I'm lookin' on my computer screen, I'd wonder too!

So that was my evening. And it was cool, and there were no bugs. Those things are important when you are trying to de-stress, you know.

I hope that you had as great of an evening as I did!

See you tomorrow.

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