Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday: Michael's surgery

Yesterday morning, we arrived at Shriners' Hospital a bit early.

We got taken up to Michael's room and found all kinds of goodies. Then, the child life specialist came in and brought in even more goodies!

She brought in a little bear in scrubs and a mask that also had an IV in. It gave me a chance to explain that he would have one too and that it was important to not pull it out.

She also brought in a surgery buddy doll with a cast and gown. I was able to explain that he was going to have a cast too. We each took turns writing on the cast.

She brought in a mask, and an anaesthesiologist put a little berry scent in it. Come to find out, they have at least a dozen scents that the kids can choose from. Michael liked berry, so when he had his surgery, that is the scent he chose. Because they brought the mask, he wasn't afraid when it was time to put it on to make him sleepy.

She also brought a hat just like the one he'd wear later on during his surgery.

Then it was time to wait.

Finally they were ready for him, so he got dressed in his gown and snuggled down under the blanket.

After they took him back to surgery, Steve & I took a walk around the hospital grounds. I loved the statues of the children flying kites.

We also took in the bag that I'd packed for me in case Michael had to stay overnight. Before taking him to surgery, the doctor said that Michael would definately have to stay overnight because the surgery they'd have to do on him was so invasive. He said that they would do the z-cut on the heel cord, then have to go into the capsule and make a clip so that Michael's foot would release and come up, then more clips for the toes.

After surgery, the orthopedic surgeon resident found us in the hallway and was just beaming with excitement. He said that when they'd clipped the heel cord Michael's foot released, so they didn't need to go into the capsule at all! They did have to clip for the toes, but the surgery was so much less invasive he said that Michael would be able to go home that night! He also said that Michael would have much less pain and less recovery time. So nice. I had forbid myself to cry up to that point, but it was then that tears of relief and joy escaped. What a blessing! The Lord is so good to us.

Finally, Michael was wheeled back into his room. Steve immediately went over to his bedside. He is such a great dad and has such love for his children! This little one has his daddy totally wrapped around his finger.

Michael slowly woke up and started moving around. He listened to his music on his Sansa. He even got to take it with him into surgery and the recover room. The nurses kept asking about it. They hadn't seen one before and thought it was great.

I have to put in a plug for Sansa shakers here. I LOVE Michael's! And Michael LOVES his Sansa shaker! It is an MP3 player for kids; easy to use and more durable than a regular MP3 player. I bought Michael's at Toys R Us a few years ago, and I have seen them at WalMart in the past, but when I just looked online at both of those places, I found that they don't sell them anymore. Amazon has them (that is the link provided), but they have gotten more expensive from when I bought Michael's a few years ago. So worth it though!

A little while after he got back to his room, he was able to eat. He ate all of the grilled cheese sandwich even after eating a half can of Pediasure. The best part was that he held it all down and never got nauseated. I was so pleased!

Then it was time to go home. I wish I would have taken a pic of that, but I didn't even think about it! The nurses' aid pushed Michael in a wheelchair and I pulled a wagon filled with all of the bags that we didn't need. :)

On our way home, we picked up Matt from Josh and Karen's house. He spent the day hanging out & playing with Amber & Tino at their house, then in the evening he went to hang out with Josh and Aiden for a while. He had a great time & has a sunburn today to prove the good time he had. :)

Jared & Emily went to school and just came home and did homework & hung out on the computer. I think they would have rather had Matt's day, instead. :)

And today? We are hanging out watching tv with Michael while he puts his foot up to reduce swelling. Matt loves his job of helping out his brother & keeping him company during his recovery. :) And Michael is doing well. He has complained a bit, but not any more than he did when he wore his stretching brace. Thank heavens for pain killers & ibuprofen!!

Have a great day, and I will post the winners of the GIVEAWAY later on today or tomorrow morning.


  1. I'm so happy to hear it went so well:) I cried when I saw the pictures today, I'm just so glad he's alright!:)

  2. I am so glad to hear that it went well! Best wishes to you all and in Michael's quick recovery.

  3. Maren: Thanks, me too! :)

    Carlie: Thank you! :)

  4. What a blessing that it was less invasive and went so well. We have been praying for him and this is GOOD NEWS.

  5. Yes it is!! :) Thanks for the prayers :)

  6. HOORAY! That is really great that it all went so well!

  7. It really is, thanks Kathy :)