Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm baaack

Yay! I can finally post on blogger today! And all of my posts are back! I'm so relieved! I have learned my lesson, and I will regularly back up my blog. I was soooo worried!


Now I can show you Aiden's picture after I played with it.

I played around a lot with this pic. I turned it into a black and white, and then I cropped it really tight. Really tight. Because I can't get enough of his eyes, and this pic has such an ethereal look to it.

Okay, does he or does he not look like an angel?

A milk mustached angel, but an angel none the less.

I also blurred it a little, just for effect.

And that is the pic it originally came from.

When I take pics of Aiden I just get him playing in a well lit place, usually by a window, sometimes outside.

Then I give him a toy to play with and snap! snap! snap! those pics. He doesn't like to sit still. At all.

When he has lost interest and toddles off, I call the photo shoot finis and go and look at the pics.

Usually there are lots with lots of movement, but I always get at least one good one.

I really did miss you all today! I hope that you had a great day today and that you have a terrific weekend!!

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