Monday, May 23, 2011

rain rain, go away

Baby Aiden wants to play.

Not to mention that there are now mud slides in that same canyon that I showed you last week. The ground is saturated.

Dear Rain,

Could we please take a rain check for some of the rain that you have in store for us and cash it in when we are having another drought??


This week is the last day of school for my kids, including the last day of homeschool (ever) for Matt, and hs graduation for Amber tomorrow. Big changes.

Amber has had some time to get used to the idea of graduating and moving on, since she didn't really attend high school this year much. She had most of her credits done by the time she finished her junior year, so this year she only had 1.25 credits to finish up. She has done excellently through high school and I'm so proud of her for doing so well! Way to go, Am!! :)

My heart is tugging as I think about Matt leaving me and going to a brick and mortar school next year. He has been such a fun kid to homeschool: he learns quickly, retains what he learns, works hard and independently, is funny and is just a great kid! It has been so fun to have him home with me this year. I will miss him next year. (Thanks for such a great year, Matt! :)

Michael will still be home with me, though. I am planning on working on preschool skills with him and trying to teach him number and letter recognition. He is my perpetual child. What takes another kid just a couple of months to learn takes him years. BUT HE LEARNS! Just a bit slower than others. This year I've been working on animal sounds with him. Horse and cow have been hard for him to distinguish between, and it has reminded me of the Seasame Street "Smell Like a Monster" parody of the Old Spice commercials:

So, on to new and bigger things for my family. (Though I *am* torn between, "can't they just stay little forever??" and loving their (and my) new found independence.)

Note to self: Life can sometimes get crazy: hold on tight (to each other) & enjoy the ride!

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