Monday, May 9, 2011

Finding the perfect wedding dress

On Saturday, Amber & I took a day and went wedding dress shopping.

She had gone with her friends a couple of times before with no luck. She is a *very* picky shopper.

This was the look she had this look on her face a lot of the time. Determined. Intense concentration. She takes shopping *very* seriously! ;)

We tried 2 different shops (I wanted to try more, but we only had 4 hours, not including the drive time). The ladies helping Amber were wonderful!

She had her perfect dress in mind: a strapless ballroom gown with very few embellishments, tulle skirt, tight fitting bodice, and, if possible, a corset back.

The first dress that she tried on on Saturday had everything she wanted except the corset back. And I'm here to tell you that it was love at first sight! She spotted it across a crowded room and couldn't take her eyes off of it. I told her to look around and not be tied down with the first pretty face dress she found. Yet, its beauty was stuck in her mind, and she compared all of the other dresses to it. In the end, she had to go back and get it.

(I typically wouldn't put a picture of the bride in her dress, because if her groom sees it might bring bad luck, but this pic shows just enough to prove how excited she is with her choice but not enough to see exactly what it looks like. I promise detailed pics of the dress after the wedding. :)

Yep, it was love!

The lady tried to dress it up with a big bow, but the bow is out. Amber really likes the simple look of the dress and doesn't feel like it needs anything else to be perfect.

Just for trivia sake, the dress had 100 yards of tulle in the skirt! It is big and floofy and fun, just like she wanted it. :)

So the dress is on order & will get here in July, just in time for alterations. I didn't realize how long it could take to put a wedding dress together. I think I picked mine off of the rack. What about you? Did you pick yours off the rack, like I did? Did it take you many dresses later to find it? Or did you have it sewn or sew it yourself? Inquiring minds want to know! :)


  1. She looks stunningly beautiful in everyone! I love the dress she picked. She is going to be a beautiful bride. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Mel! I borrowed mine from a friend:)

  3. Oh what fun! I can't wait to shop for wedding dresses...I'm having so much fun with prom dresses and can't imagine how much more fun a wedding will be. :)

    P.S. I'm glad she found the dress of her dreams...such a pretty dress and a pretty girl. :)

  4. Betty: She really did!! I'm just so happy that she found one that she LOVED. She liked a great many, but the one she ended up with was "perfect" in her mind. :)

    Maren: You are as practical as me! I rented mine :)

    Tammy: What a great mom you are! I tried to get out of shopping & encouraged her to go with a friend. lol My hope was that she would find the perfect one and then take me to see it (I am soooo not a shopper!). I was being short-sighted though, and after a day of seeing her try on all of those dresses and come to her decision I realize that I'm soooo glad that I was with her when she found it. :)

  5. How exciting! I'm glad she found one that she loves :)

    My wedding dress....I grabbed it from my closet on our way to Vegas - lol!

  6. April: Me too!! It is such a relief!

    Poor Amber! On more than one occasion I have advised her to take the money Steve & I and Paul are offering to spend on the wedding and just elope! lol

  7. 100 yards, wow! She looks beautiful! My mom sewed mine, it wasn't really a wedding dress though. More of just a simple fancy dress.

  8. Thanks, Katie, I think so too! :)

    I'll bet your dress was beautiful! How great that your mom was able to make it for you!