Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Troubled Waters

On Sunday, Steve and I took some time for *us* and went on a Sunday drive. Alone. Together. Ahhh. So nice. :)

We decided to first go up the canyon and check on the run-off.

It has been predicted for Utah that this year's run-off from the snow in the mountains is going to cause as much flooding as the infamous flood of 1983 where roads were turned into rivers.

"They" say that a lot was learned from '83 though, so there won't be as many problems. Let's hope so!

Anyway, so we went up the canyon to see what was comin' down.

Truth be told, I was really nervous being on the bridge over this troubled water. I had to back up so that I could see the bridge firmly under my feet. The roar from the river was so loud!

There was a plaque next to the bridge telling when it was built and why. Turns out that the bridge, the road, and the campground, had to be rebuilt because of the devastation from the '83 flood. Nice.

Next, we drove out to the reservoir where the river water ends up.

The canal channeling the water was filled to the brim and threatened to wash away anything in its path.

Closer to the reservoir, the water had escaped its bounds and was running across the road.

We didn't continue down the road because getting stuck wasn't the way we wanted the day to end.

Also for those not used to flood waters: don't cross a road with water washing across it. The depth of the water might be deeper than you expect, and the rush of the water might be stronger than you'd think.

As we looked out to the reservoir, we could see that it was filled to the top. I don't have a telephoto lens or I would have showed you what I saw, sorry. :/

Next, we drove around closer to home to see what we could see.

This is the little creek that runs along the back of some houses:

And this area is not a pond! This is where people drive their 4 wheelers :/ The creek is filling it up fast, though:

To those suffering with flooding, whether from my neck of the woods or from far away, my prayers are with you.

I certainly hope that the preparations that have been taken will ease flooding danger and that "they" are right and that the problems won't be as bad as it has been in the past.

On our drive on Sunday, I didn't take pics of anything other than the canyon waters and then some pics at Burraston Pond (I'll save those pics for another day) So to remedy that, yesterday I loaded Michael and Matt in the car and we drove around to get the close-to-home shots that I just showed you. We ended up at the dollar store for a Symphony bar for me and some Pringles for Mike and Matt. Just what I needed! :)

Also, after wanting to take a pic of The Cutest Front Porch EVER, I finally got one yesterday:

Is that not adorable?! I really, really NEED a front porch.

Signing off from not-on-my-front-porch,


  1. me too!! Really, really! I need a front porch too!:)

  2. Oh wow...loving that front porch.

    By the way, we are in big water trouble here, too. :(

  3. Tammy: Me too! I couldn't stop looking at it last night. It is the funnest porch! I seriously have porch envy!

    Oh no!! I hope that your home is untouched and your family safe.

    Maren: If you get one before me, you'll have to invite me over for some lemonade some summer evening. :)

  4. I love the colored chairs! I have a GREAT front porch with swing and some rocking chairs - but I am loving the colors. May have to look for someo paint that won't rub off on clothes - haven't seen those colors up here!

  5. That was the part that I loved too! The colors really make the porch.

    I'm jealous that you have a porch! A porch swing is *exactly* what I need! :)