Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brush your kids' teeth to Raffi

Michael has oral aversion, which means that he doesn't like things in his mouth. It is why he has a g-tube. It is getting LOTS better! but there are little things I've done through the years to help him.

One was to sing this Raffi song while I brushed his teeth. Even though he *likes* to have his teeth brushed now, he loves this song :) What is nice is that it helps me to slow down and really brush his teeth. The song is broken down into 5 verses, so I brush the front (bottom & top) teeth to one verse, and then each quadrant for each of the other verses. Try it! It will make brushing time funner :) (I love the face on the guy getting his teeth brushed. hahaha! :)


  1. That is really neat, Melody. I am going to pass this on to some of my parents whose children suffer with the same problem.

  2. Oh good, I hope that it can help them! Michael *loves* music, so it worked great for him.