Monday, May 16, 2011

Emily's dance performance

It is the end of the school year: time for all of the performances.

Emily has been in Dance I in jr. high, and on Friday, her class performed at the spring concert along with the Dance Company, the Hip Hop Team, the Ballroom Dance Team, and other dance classes.

She was excellent! She said that she goofed up a time or two, but neither Steve nor I noticed.

Emily likes this pic best:

Ever since she was a little girl, Emily has said that she wanted to "sing and dance on a stage", and she has! And she loves it! She doesn't get stage fright like some of our family (me!) does. She says that she gets an adrenalin rush from the crowd and loves to hear the applause. Sounds like a performer to me! :) (She must get it from Steve, because I'd rather be in the audience than on stage any day!)

Way to go, Em! You did a great job!

Happy Monday, all!


  1. Congrats Emily! And!...she looks so much like you! :)

  2. your girl looks great! how fun that she likes to perform!

  3. Thanks Tammy! I don't get to hear that Emily looks like me much since she gets so many of her looks from Steve, so it is nice when someone thinks that she has some of me in her. :)

    Thanks Randi! I think she does such a great job!

  4. The middle photo: exactly as I picture you as a teenager. :) Her face? Profile? Not sure which or what it is...just that I was struck how much she looks like YOU!