Friday, September 11, 2009

Around the Backyard Farm

Here is the my garden. It is just finishing up.

Mostly I've gotten tomatoes: romas and cherries. My Early Girl plant didn't do well at all. The tomatoes that we did get off of her were awfully small, so I'm wondering if it is because I planted her by the cherry tomatoes and they cross pollinated. The pot you see in the pic is a cherry tomato plant I gave my mom for Mother's Day (she loves tomatoes!). Since it was getting neglected at her place, I brought it home so it could have company and regular watering.

There are a few green peppers in there, along with some onions that you can't see.

The strawberries produced a little, but mostly just sent runners and filled up their bed with new plants.

One of my mama mini lop rabbits had bunnies a couple weeks ago. Two of the babies survived: one was a torte color, the other just the picture of its mama. They have upright ears, which is a little strange. Maybe they'll flop over when they're a little older.

This is the one I'm most excited about. A torte baby doesn't come along very often on my farm!

This is Mary Ann. She is my year old French Lop. She is a sweetie! Pam gave her too me, along with 3 others, last year when I sold her some mini lops. Mary Ann and Mr. Nibles II are still alive. Poor Fred and Ginger died when they were still quite young.

And this is my Dutch rabbit, Flower. He is my favorite (but don't let the others know that!). He is sweet and gentle and loves people. He was Josh's rabbit that he sold to me a few years back. I'd love to find a female and breed them, but I've had no luck finding one yet.

Here are a few of my chickens and ducks in their new pen. I have found that I have too many chickens for the run I have. Either I need to make the run bigger or scale down a bit with my chickens. Meanwhile, many of them would rather spend time with the goats.

And here are Nina (Alpine and La Mancha mix) and Ellie (Sanaan, Nubian mix). My plans are to find a billy to breed them with in October and have babies (and milk!) in the spring. (Notice the chickens in their corral.)

My van is back in the shop today. It feels funny again, so I wonder if the emergency brake is rusted back together. Hopefully it will be a quick, cheap fix!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I enjoyed the tour. Those bunnies are so cute. You have nice room for a garden. It looks good back there.


  2. Awwwwww...they are all DARLING!

    Thank you for sharing this with us. :)

  3. How do you do it all?! Lots of kids, garden and all those animals. So impressed Melody!

    Tarrah M.