Thursday, September 10, 2009

You gotta love'em!

My van is home after taking a trip to the van doctor.

I've been hearing some grating / grinding noises for the past couple of days so I made an appt for her. Come to find out the emergency brake had rusted into a slight "on" position, though it appeared to be off from the interior of the van. It caused my brake shoe to totally wear to the metal. No harm to the drum, though, which saved us a bundle!

And it seems that something-or-other was loose as far as my right wheel's ball bearings or maybe the tire was loose though the wheel was tight or something. Mechanics is *not* my forte, I just noticed that when the lady mechanic was telling me about it she grimaced like it was a very bad thing indeed. I just noticed it as a rubbing noise.

So, she is back (and I have learned new car vocabulary to boot!). My beloved behemoth van that can hold 12 passengers is back and mostly better. Now if I could just figure out why she groans as I turn the steering wheel! I need to make another appt to figure that one out soon. With the other scarier noises I forgot to mention it to the mechanic.

But next, though, is Steve's car. It is up for repairs tomorrow. Gotta love those vehicles!


  1. Low on steering fluid, maybe? Might be that, and that's an easy fix...just a bottle of it at Walmart.

    My girls ask me every once in a while what my fave vehicle is...I always tell them ANYTHING that runs well. lol!

  2. If its not one thing its two.

    As the old saying goes.

    Hope its not too costly of a repair.