Friday, September 25, 2009

Cute Baby Belly!

Isn't her baby belly adorable?! I'm having so much fun watching this baby grow! Karen is feeling really good right now, and she and Josh will start parenting classes soon. :-)

After I took Karen's picture Michael insisted I take his picture too. He sat down and posed himself really cute and then said, "Cheese!" and made this face. So funny!!

Have a great day! I'm off to play with uploading a new header and bottom pic and change the background. I can't believe that Autumn is here! Where did the summer go?!


  1. That is a cute baby belly.
    She is really showing now.
    Michael is a cutie too.

    Your new picture and background are very nice - pretty and serene all at the same time.
    I should change mine up sometimes. I get nervous messing around with it.


  2. Michael :)

    Yes, that baby bump is adorable!! So is momma!!!

  3. Baby bellies are the cutest on others:) Nice pic of Michael too!:)