Thursday, March 20, 2008

Following the Bunny Trail to Peter's (ok, really it's Pam's) Bunny Farm

Well it's done. The bunnies are sold. All of the thought and planning I've done since January is finished. Today is my day-after-Christmas anti-climax like day. And it's snowing. Today has kind of a blah feel to it. I've even toyed with the idea of staying in my pajamas all day. It is days like today that make me miss my old Kentucky home, because on days like today, instead of snowing it would be raining and the creek that typically lay like a welcome mat to my land would be instead overflowing its banks and giving me a day free of all responsibilities to the world since no one could cross it. Ah, for a day like that again.

Too bad Amber, my personal baker, isn't home. She loves to bake and keeps the house in good smells of warm pastries and breads.

One funny thing did happen last night as I took my four bunnies to be sold. The lady buying my bunnies gave me four older, unsellable bunnies for free. They are French Lops, and I'd love to show you a picture of them but with it snowing and raining outside you'll have to settle for a link to someone else's French Lop as an example of the breed:

If you have any interest in rabbits, this website is awesome for explaining and showing the different breeds:

The farm that I went to last night to sell my bunnies has my favorite setup for rabbits.

She has one outbuilding that is smaller with sheets of plywood as the inner walls and what looks like railroad ties for the outer walls. It has windows and a door along with a screen door. There is an opening in one wall that lets the rabbits into a fenced pen outside. She has her rabbits in cages right now, but on many occasions she's had rabbits that she lets run loose in the building.

She has a barn that is well insulated against drafts, which is a great need when raising rabbits. Inside of the barn is a dirt floor covered with straw. There are two large pens that would/could hold a horse in each. The rest of the building is open, with a few big windows, wide doors, and a people sized door on one side. She lets her rabbits that she doesn't show or aren't expecting run around inside. She has had flemish giants that lived in the barn running around loose in the past, but she got rid of them last year when she was trying to get ready to move.

She invited me into her house last night, and I *loved* her kitchen! It was an ENORMOUS farmhouse kitchen WITH A PLACE FOR A WOOD COOKSTOVE! She will be putting her house up for sale later on in the spring and how I envy whoever buys it!

This makes the third Easter that I've visited her farm. She is a wonderful lady who is full of rabbit husbandry knowledge; I always enjoy visiting with her. My Easter visits have been a great tradition that I will sorely miss when she moves.

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