Friday, November 13, 2009

Places I've Been and Interesting Things I've Seen This Morning

I've enjoyed reading your blogs today! Along with reading interesting and funny things about your family and lives, I've also seen a real life Hobbit House and added a couple of new recipes to my recipe book. Take a look at these!:

I saw a really beautiful and interesting Hobbit Home from a link Tracey put on her blog at Life in Sugar Hollow.

She also gave a link for Sweet Roasted Butternut Squash and Greens Over Bow-Tie Pasta that I'd like to try.

From beauty that moves I learned how to make homemade chicken nuggets. My family will be delighted to eat these. They look and sound scrumdiliumptious!

As for me, I can only look right.... I mean, to the right. If you were standing behind my left shoulder I'd have to turn my full body around to look at you. Even sneezing, which I'm doing a lot of, is torturous.

There are some beautiful photo opportunities this morning: from the nights dusting of snow to a picturesque mountain scape with the peak shining above the clouds. But I don't want to go outside... because it's cold and because my neck hurts. It is terrible when photography becomes a pain in the neck! Maybe I'll just have to toughen up, though, because these sights are too good to not capture!

So I'll see you (hopefully more easily than today!) tomorrow. I hope to show you the beautiful scenery that I'm seeing today... over my right shoulder. ;-)

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