Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Photo Contest

I'm doing it again! This time I've made sure that I'm not too late to enter the Picture This' Photo Contest. November's contest is entitled "End of the Line." (The deadline is 11:59 pm Eastern time on Sunday, November 22nd )

These are the parameters set by the contest:
"I’ve selected the November theme, END OF THE LINE. This may be presented metaphorically, such as in the final push of a last dahlia out of a battered heap of leaves and stems or a last clinging leaf: as well as images showing the end of this year’s garden.

It can also be interpreted in your photos literally: using lines as strong components of the image, such as a distinct branch or stem or perhaps the terminus of a perspective or a linear structure. A top prize will be awarded for best symbolic use of the theme as well as a literal use: but photos combining both interpretations will receive the highest commendation. As an example, a landscape of trees in fall color would be good, but a shot sighting down a pair of train tracks curving away into that scene of autumn glory would be great! A row of corn with one last ear in focus… a dangling vine with a single fruit hanging forlorn at the end. Got it?"

So since the entries can show the "End of the Line" figuratively or literally. I've chosen to do both:


I took this pic w/o knowledge of the photo contest, but it works perfectly I think.

..... I was totally convinced that pic would be best, but after writing about it in this post and publishing it, I've started wondering ... would one of these work better instead? ...




What do you think? I'll label each of the pics, you let me know what you think, ok?

If you enter the photo contest be sure to tell me so that I can admire your pic!


  1. all are great, I like 1 with 3 as a close second

  2. Note to self: Amber liked 3 or 1.
    Matt liked 1 & 3.
    Jared liked 3.