Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Weekend

We celebrated Emily's birthday this weekend. She had a friend party and a family party. Can I tell you how badly I hate planning, organizing, and executing birthday parties?! And I had six children. The poor dears!

I did *not* want to do a friend birthday party. I expressed my opinion (in other words complained profusely) to Steve and he offered to do the friend birthday party for me. What a guy! So he helped Emily make the invitations and thought up fun games and relay races for the kids and put on the party while I went to the church and ate dinner with a bunch of wonderful ladies and got spiritually fed too.

Today we had the family birthday party. I am so glad for family around to support my kids!

Jared went a little batty and climbed onto the rafters at the pavillion.

After we ate cake and visited, I took my mom home. It was so nice to be out at sunset by myself in the quiet. I took some pictures so that I could share the beauty with all of you!

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend with people that you love and beauty of the fall too!


  1. Sounds like a fun party! Tim's birthday is tomorrow and the kids wanted him to have a friend party. I just put my foot down. It'll just be us and maybe some cousins. But we bought him the most fun toy...:)

  2. Happy Birthday Emily!!!
    Those photos are beautiful!

  3. Sounds ike a good time was had by all! Happy Birthday to your gal!!

    Thanks for the bunny info, everything I've read said they are weaned much younger than that - Heck, it said they were independent of their mother at 16 days, but I wondered...

    We'll keep them a while, then release them. We already have a family of cottontails on our property, hopefully they'll feel like adopting a few more...

  4. Beautiful pictures and what looked like a fun party! Very cool that Steve did all the too many men would!