Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Small World

Need a funny bit of news? Ok, but I better back up just a bit.

My mom started dialysis last week, did I already tell you that? Anyway, on Thursday or Friday, I don't remember which, when they inserted the needle that takes the blood away and the other that returns it to the body, her blood pressure went down to 50/20. My neice said her eyes rolled back into her head...I guess she passed out. Anyhow, that isn't the funny part. The next part isn't the funny part either... her arm got infiltrated with blood. I don't understand how that happened, but some of you with more knowledge than I probably do. I think it had to do with the needle going through the vein instead of in it. But I *did* see the ugly bruise. And I *did* take a picture to show to you. If you are squimish you'll want to close your eyes and scroll down quick to see the funny part of this whole story!

Looks terrible, doesn't it?!

Anyway, on to the funny part. So she had to take the weekend off and go back at the first of the week.... and guess who she sat next to? This guy, only grown up!

So April, do I make you remember California a little? Rubbing shoulders with the celebrities...even if his shoulder is pretty darn small? Funny, funny, funny! "Small" world, isn't it? hahahahaha Sorry. I'll quit with the silly "little" jokes.

A "small" bit of humor is all I could muster today! =) Ok, ok, I'll stop now!


  1. OH that is an ugly bruise! Yikes. But that is funny to sit next to him.

  2. Oh my....I feel so bad for her. My moms blood pressure dropped like that last year and she almost died. Glad she's ok from that. That bruise is horrible!
    Ha! *small* world indeed

  3. Yes, you do make me think of CA. I ran into him and "Willis" tried to run over Diego - ha ha!