Friday, September 26, 2008

Silver Linings & Rose Colored Glasses

Have you ever gotten so entirely consumed by life that it seems that you are running in circles, either emotionally or physically? That is where I am at.

An emotional hamster wheel is where I spend my time.

And do you know what that *does* to a person?

It has made me an emotional basketcase. My mother started dialysis yesterday. My ulcers still tend to act up mid-day to midnight. And I feel taken advantage of by my family.

Have you ever *heard* me so negative?! I thought not.

I am sick of being down, and I'm going to change it.

From now on I am going to look for all of the silver linings to the clouds.

Today my mom went in for dialysis. Her bloodpressure dropped to 50/20. It went back up a little, but not much. So they sent her home and told her to take the weekend off. SO! For my first trick: I am going to show you the silver lining to that cloud. My mother was actually really dreading dialysis today. It makes her tired and sick. The silver lining: She gets the weekend off! She'll feel better for Emily's birthday party this weekend than she would have. It will give her a few days to emotionally prepare for Monday, and it will give her a few days physically to get feeling better before she has to go back.

I am feeling overwhelmed with the great quantity of ill-behaved pets I have. The silver lining? Josh took his dog with him to his biological dad's house for the weekend or perhaps longer! One down, 5 to go! Now if I could find someone who loves black labs who'd love my 3 yo spayed female I'd be feeling great! And someone else to take a couple of very cute cats that have accidents I would be feeling FANTASTIC!

My ulcers are, for the most part, feeling better. Why, probably 60% of my day is free of pain.

My garden is close to being finished. We harvested two melons yesterday: a crenshaw and a honeydew. They were very good. There are a few more out there just finishing up. There are several cherry tomatoes that are ready to go into a garden salad tonight. The cucumbers and zucchini have slowed down producing. The pumpkins are oranging up. The green beans have maybe 1 more meal left in them.

To be honest, I am ready for fall. I am ready to be finished working so hard outside. I am ready for the natural shift of coming inside. I need to refinish the wood floors in my dining room and living room. I am planning on giving my laundry room a face-lift soon, too. I am not necessarily looking forward to the work, but I will love having a more beautiful home!

Here is to rose-colored glasses!


  1. We all feel that way from time to time.
    Hope you get to feeling better have been on my daily prayer list.

  2. Oh! Thanks! I really appreciate that.

  3. Man! I hate it when I mean to make a comment and use my family's login info!

    That last comment was not from emily chereio but ME! =)

  4. Good girl. I greatly admire your stiff upper lip and backbone:)

  5. This from your Idaho in laws. We can take any animals that will be OUTSIDE animals. Hugleigh is lonely I think. Is your black lab an outside dog? I hope you are feeling better, and way to be positive!