Monday, September 22, 2008

Autism Awareness

OH! Before I forget, check out the Potato Soup recipe that Keeper of the Skies Wife posted! Cooking the bacon first, then sauteing onions, carrots, and garlic in some of the bacon grease....Oh my! Can you just smell the wonderful smells emitted from that sauce pot?? And then later adding heavy cream. Heaven.

A few days ago she (Keeper of the Skies Wife) posted an entry entitled "Apples" and had this picture on it:

In trying to understand autism, there is a wonderful site at that can describe some of the "symptoms" of autism. Check it out! There are probably many, many undiagnosed people/children with autism out there that people simply label as "naughty" or "unruly".

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone was simply more tolerant and loving to these people? They aren't playing mind games. They don't really try to get your goat. It is a social block for them that understanding people can help them build relationships in spite of.

Do yourself and them a favor and learn more about autism.

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  1. First off, Thanks for the shout out!!

    Second, I many kids are labeled unruly, add, etc...when in fact they are somewhere on the Autism Spectrum!

    They really are amazing people!!! I wish more people would take the time to research autism so they will understand.